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Dressings and Bandages

Mepore, Mepitel, Melolin, Tubeguaze, opsite etc can all be purchased from our online shop at a discounted price.This is just a fraction from our vast range of dressings and bandages please call 0800 012 4183 for more range.
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Mepore Dressings
We supply the whole range of Mepore dressing in all sizes and types. Please call to discuss further range of Mepore which you cann ... See More
Mesorb Absorbent Dressing
Mesorb is a highly absorbent dressing with fluff pulp core for excellent exudate management that also provides good protection and ... See More
Atrauman Dressings
Dressings for atraumatic wound care. ... See More
This extremely reliable method of securing wound dressings comes in different size from size 00 to 78. ... See More
Granuflex Dressing
Polyurethane foam sheet bonded with semipermeable polyurethane film to form hydrocolloid dressing ... See More
Cosmopor E Sterile Absorbent Adhesive Dressings
•Cosmopor E has an absorbent pad that cushions and protects the wound •The wound pad is covered with a non-adherent layer to help ... See More
Opsite Spray
Transparent film wound dressing spray is quick and easy to use. ... See More
Mepore® Ultra
Showerproof, absorbent, self-adhesive dressing ideal for low to moderately exuding wounds ... See More
C-View Dressings
C-View is a sterile, self adhesive, transparent film wound dressing. C - View consists of a polyurethane film membrane coated with ... See More
Fully conformable, sterile wound dressing. ... See More
Tegaderm Plus Dressings
Tegaderm+ Dresings from 3M are composite dressings with a waterproof bacterial barrier which consists of a non-adherent absorbent ... See More
Cutimed Gel Hydrogel
Available in three tube sizes, Cutimed Gel is a clear, sterile amorphous hydrogel which can be used to help debride sloughy and ne ... See More
Mepitel dressings feature a porous, semi-transparent, low-adherent wound contact layer. The contact layer consists of a flexible ... See More
Non-woven sterile island dressing ... See More
Various Dressings available to buy online! Or call 020 3384 6201/ 020 8848 4084. ... See More
MedMat Dressing System
Available in two sizes, the MedMat dressing change system has been created to provide healthcare professionals with a clean enviro ... See More
Povidone-iodine, non-adherent wound dressing for prophylaxis and treatment of infection in minor burns, leg ulcers, superficial sk ... See More
Tubifast Bandages are lightweight conforming stockinette that are used to hold dressings securely and for skin covering without co ... See More
N-A Dressing
A knitted, viscose non-adhesive primary wound dressing, supplied in a box of 40 individually wrapped sterile packs. N-A Dressin ... See More
Sterile gauze dressing made of cotton impregnated with soft paraffin BP containing 0.5% w/w chlorhexidine acetate ... See More
Comfeel brand includes a wide range of hydrocolloid moist wound healing dressings, used and clinically documented for over 20 year ... See More
A self adhesive, non-woven tape for wide area dressing fixation ... See More
Aquacel® dressing offers the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology that absorbs and locks in exudate and bacteria. ... See More
K-Lite is a type 2 support bandage; Acts as a base for compression; Comfortable; Very comformable; For the treatment of Ven ... See More
Polyester fabric dressing with coating of acrylic adhesive ... See More
Effective primary wound contact layer in treatment of burns, ulcers and skin grafts ... See More
Acticoat 7
Acticoat* 7 (with Nanocrystalline Silver)† dressing is an effective anti-microbial barrier dressing. The nanocrystalline coating o ... See More
Effective dressing for light to moderately exuding lacerations, abrasions and sutured wounds ... See More
BurnAid Emergency Burn Dressings
BurnAid dressings are sterile, gel impregnated dressings that cool, soothe and relieve the pain of burns. ... See More
Selecting the correct dressing for specific wounds is important in patient care, not only for comfort but to ensure the healing pr ... See More
Triple-layer dressing consisting of a poly-ethylene terephthalate film, absorbent material and cellulose fabric ... See More
Steri-Strip Skin Closure Strips
Steri-Strip Skin Closure Strips from 3M are made of a porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic a ... See More
Adaptic Touch
ADAPTIC TOUCH Non-Adhering Silicone Dressing is a flexible, open-mesh silicone wound contact layer designed to optimise fluid mana ... See More
Applied directly on to wound ... See More
Aquaform Hydrogel Wound Dressing
Aquaform Hydrogel has been excellent at providing moisture to wounds. The new formulation of Aquaform hydrogel has a number of adv ... See More
ActivHeal Alginate Dressing
ActivHeal Alginate is manufactured by processing natural elements found in seaweed to produce felt and rope dressings. The alginat ... See More